DM HANDLING has successfully developed sheep conveyor systems, weighing products and electronic EID systems

Product Range

We offer a wide range of quality conveyor, EID and weighing products for all types of sheep and goats. We also understand each customer has different requirements and ideas and we are committed to delivering a product that works for you. Contact or call us on 01324 711755 to discuss your requirements.


Conveyor Systems

Conveyors are the best way to work with animals, as they are suspended off the ground and immobilized in the 'V' using their own body weight. The animal feels secure in the 'V' which removes stress from the animal and the farmer.

Weighing Products

Using a DM Handling Systems conveyor to weigh ensures very accurate results. Each animal is immobilised by being suspended in the 'V' which removes any leverage from a platform which has the potential for false readings. With this system, you have total control of the animal.

EID Systems

DM Handling Systems offers a wide range of EID equipment from a basic hand held reader to a fully automated EID conveyor system. With DM Handling engineers producing the new integrated EID conveyor system, EID has never been easier for hands free reading while weighing and working with the animal.