EID Systems

DM Handling Systems offers a wide range of EID equipment from a basic hand held reader to a fully automated EID conveyor system. With DM Handling engineers producing the new integrated EID conveyor system, EID has never been easier for hands free reading while weighing and working with the animal.

One of the most robust and easiest to use hand held EID readers on the market is the IDnote VP5004 because of its unique “one button” operation. This hand held reader combined with the mobile printer is a simple package to use as they both come with Bluetooth…SCAN! READ! PRINT! It’s that easy!

With either the fixed EID Panel Reader or the handy EID Handheld Reader, reading and processing of data is a simple activity. Performance and ease of use are crucial factors in livestock farming. The NEDAP readers are robust and able to work flawlessly even in harsh conditions. The readers can be connected to another supplier’s software system and the saved data is easy to read from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Increasingly, customers want tracability in the food chain and also to be assured that animals have been given the very best of care. This puts EID at the leading edge of industry requirements as producers are under pressure to keep good EID records of their livestock.

Farming is a traditional industry where change can be slow. Today pregnancy scanning is an accepted practice, however as recently as the 1970s it was unheard of in the UK.  EID is only now becoming part of our farming activities. NEDAP have been working in this area for 30 years and are a leader in producing top quality and easy to use products.