Weighing Products

Using a DM Handling Systems conveyor to weigh ensures very accurate results. Each animal is immobilised by being suspended in the 'V' which removes any leverage from a platform which has the potential for false readings. With this system, you have total control of the animal.

As well as being able to do all of the jobs mentioned on the basic conveyor, using the conveyor system for weighing gives you a fantastic workstation. Whether you go for a basic electronic weigh head or the top of the range weigh head... weighing is a very important tool to have.

Weight is very important for tracking the development of your sheep as part of a management tool. The information recorded helps to maximize profits by cutting down feeding costs and increasing knowledge for future breeding. Using the weight of the animal, the correct dosing amount can also be given rather than a guesstimate, which puts more money in your pocket and more importantly prevents over or under dosing your livestock. With the sheep positioned comfortably in the conveyor, there will never be an easier place to weigh and dose an animal.

Getting feedback from your local abattoir based on the individual EID tag number is very important; this will help identify areas for improvements on an individual basis. Farmers put a lot of time, effort and cost into producing a lamb for the food chain, so the more feedback the farmer gets the better.


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